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Hi there, I'm Taylor.

My most favorite days "in the office" are spent far from service, deeply engrossed in the natural world and astutely present to the humans sharing that sacred space.


Whether capturing the perfect image for a magazine spread or creating a powerful visual story for commercial clients, my photography maintains an authentic, bold style while creating magic with whatever nature throws my way. 

Most of my work occurs outside; I'm acutely aware of the need for a photographer able to push a team forward in a wilderness environment rather than hold them back or pose safety risks. I hold Wilderness First Responder and AIARE certifications, and I'm happy to send over a climbing resume.

My educational background marries degrees in both sociology and journalism—with an emphasis in photojournalism—as I strive to engage with storytelling in a responsible, holistic manner that remains informed of the world into which stories enter and transform.

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