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REI's marketing campaign called for a photog willing to follow a duo of trail runners in a three-day run around Mount Rainier—all while producing engaging, documentary-style photographs of their stunningly beautiful, emotional journey. Working alongside a small team of filmmakers, I planned and executed shots with the precision and inordinate amounts of flexibility that a backcountry environment with limited communication necessitates. 

The print-only quarterly's inaugural issue required some creativity: a message from Trails' editor and founder picked my brain about shooting zippered pants designed for vulva-owners to pee outside without baring skin to the elements or other recreationists.

Oh, ideas were flowing. Not shown below: wild looks from passerby on the mossy, fern-lined PNW trail where I asked talent to drop trow (with shorts hiding just out of frame of course) on a wet December morning. The new magazine is a daring proclamation that print just might not be dead; there are plenty of people who value sleeping in the dirt—and reading about such adventures in a high quality book infused with bold creativity from its contributors.

As purveyors of hyper-local lifestyle content, SagaCity's titles (Seattle Met, Portland Monthly, Houstonia) have a myriad of editorial needs that call on my journalism background: writing across beats, photographing outdoor sports, fact-checking, and editing. 

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